Bengal Kitten Home Coming!


It is best to get everything prepared for your new arrival before coming to pick him/her up.

Things you will need!


It is best to stick to the diet we have been feeding your Bengal kitten, we feed them Chicken soup of the soul dry food and a variety of wet food,  Otherwise you may find they have an upset stomach. If you would like to feed something different please introduce it gradually. I would advise waiting until your Bengal kitten has settled in at home with you first.

Food/Water Bowls

Bengals love a big bowl of water to splash around in! Its best to get a heavier water dish and/or one with rubber feet to stick to the floor to ensure there is no chance of it getting knocked over.

Litter Tray

There are various kinds of litter trays available. Your Bengal kitten has been using a Clever cat litter box, you can find it on Amazon.


There are various kinds of litter on the market today. Your kitten has been using pine bedding as litter, its very absorbent and can be completely replaced every few days, Please note that a sudden change of cat litter may cause the kitten to go outside
the litter box.

Scratching Post

Bengal kittens love to scratch. You can find all different kind of scratch posts on the market. I would recommend one of the play stand types as this gives the kitten something to sit on and usually they provide a bed as well as being a scratch post.


Bengal kittens love to play and can spend hours chasing a little mouse or ball around.

Cat Carrier

You will need to purchase one of these to fetch your new arrival home and also for those visits to the vets.

super nova of san José Bengals

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